The number of wage and hour collective and class action lawsuits is rising dramatically. During a recent two-year span, filings of multi-plaintiff wage and hour lawsuits increased 70 percent. In addition, the U.S. Department of Labor is increasing its budget for enforcement efforts in this area.

In this legal environment, even employers who are unaware of improper wage and hour practices in their operations face exposure to potentially great liability stemming from such actions as inadequate timekeeping procedures, the misclassification of workers and insufficient meal and rest breaks.

Wage and Hour audits are a prudent and cost-effective first step in identifying and correcting potential problem areas. They may also provide useful defenses when facing these lawsuits. Through years of experience, Kilpatrick Townsend’s Labor and Employment team has developed resources and processes that allow us to work collaboratively and efficiently with employer personnel to perform audits that fit within today's more constrained legal budgets.

During an audit, firm attorneys analyze timekeeping systems, review employee classifications for compliance with federal and state law, determine whether independent contractors are appropriately classified and assist with corrective measures. Because our team also has significant experience handling wage and hour lawsuits, we have particular insight into the areas of most concern when conducting an audit.

Wage & Hour

Experience Highlights

Multi-state wage and hour audit for software company
Conducted a wage and hour audit of 47 different positions in several states for a document management software company. Worked with the client to more
Wage and hour issues under federal and state law for a North Georgia optical retailer
Conducted due-diligence review of labor and employment issues for a North Georgia optical retailer in connection with the acquisition of a company more
Wage-Hour class action for major bottled water company
Represented a major beverage company in a state-wide class action contending that our client's 800+ route salespeople were not exempt from the more
Wage/hour collective action for major beverage company
Represented a major beverage company in a putative class action in the Southern District of Florida brought by several route salespeople seeking to more

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