The most critical business decisions for organizations often start with contracts and commercial agreements. By working with both buyers and sellers, we understand the needs of both parties and can craft solution-oriented documents that protect our clients’ interests without the need for lengthy “trench warfare” negotiations that slowly inch somewhere towards the middle ground.

Our firm has a nationally recognized practice that focuses exclusively on contracts and commercial agreements. We routinely work with both buyers and sellers of goods, services and technology. We counsel clients in a wide range of complex business transactions, including the sale or procurement of goods and services, the outsourcing of internal business process or IT functions, the licensing of technology, content and data, and the formation of long-term strategic relationships, such as joint ventures and strategic alliances. We represent entities operating in many different industries, including telecommunications, financial services, government, media, and healthcare.

Our attorneys have been working with clients for a number of years to create templates, negotiation playbooks, contract decision-making matrixes, and training materials. Almost all of these projects involved multiple users across a variety of business units with different styles, philosophies and needs. We have learned how to manage this dynamic efficiently and within a budget. We know what works, what clients use and what sits in a corner collecting dust.