Name and TitlePhoneOfficeE-mailV-card
Wade Ph.D., Kathryn H.
+1 404.541.6662 Atlanta E-Mail vCard
Wagner, Kristan R.
Patent Agent
+1 404.815.6064 Atlanta E-Mail vCard
Wainwright, Renae B.
+1 404.532.6947 Atlanta E-Mail vCard
Walker IV, J. Henry
+1 404.815.6050 Atlanta E-Mail vCard
Walker, Suzanne A.
+1 202.508.5856
+1 212.775.8728
Washington D.C.
New York
E-Mail vCard
Walts, Suzanne C.
Senior Patent Attorney
+1 303.607.3218 Denver E-Mail vCard
Wang, Show
+1 925.472.5014 Walnut Creek E-Mail vCard
Webb, Andrew K.
E-Discovery Analyst
+1 336.607.7352 Winston-Salem E-Mail vCard
Webb, Thurston H.
Senior Associate
+1 404.815.6300
+1 336.607.7494
E-Mail vCard
Weber Ph.D., Kenneth A.
+1 415.273.4714 San Francisco E-Mail vCard

Who We Are

What Fully Engaged Means To Me

Marcus Munk
Marcus Munk

Always seeking our clients' interests by providing sound advice.

Kenneth Shurtz P.E.
Kenneth Shurtz P.E.

Ensuring our goals are aligned with those of our clients by understanding the clients' objectives, clearly communicating choices to the client, and providing innovative solutions to meet each client's needs.

Michael T. Morlock
Michael T. Morlock Doing everything in my power to help clients realize the maximum benefit from their technologies. more

Our client, AquaBounty Technologies, has modified and patented the gene-based modifications that enable farmed salmon to eat year-round and grow